Accommodation rules

Accommodation rules of ,,Penzión pod Barancom”

The guest is obliged to comply with the provision of the Accommodation Rules. In case of infringement, the hotel has the right to cancel the contract for the provision of accommodation services before the agreed time.

1. Only who checks-in can be accommodated. Check-in is understood as submitting ID card, passport or other valid identification at the reception at the time of arrival. Guests with permanent residence in the hotel location can also be accommodated. The guest will receive a room key.

2. The guesthouse provides services to the client, at least in scope and quality determined by decree of the Ministry of Construction 277/2007. Adapting categorization of accommodation facilities and classification codes for their division into classes.

3. Taking accommodation in the guesthouse is only allowed to persons who are not affected by infectious diseases.

4. Room is reserved for the client until 20.00, unless otherwise agreed.

5.If the guest asks for extending the duration of his/her accommodation, the hotel may offer him/her another room than the one where he/she was originally staying in.

6. If the client pre- ordered a single room and the pension confirmed the order , the pension will charge the guest for only the price of a double room because in the guest house isnt single room.

7. Check in time is 3:00 p.m. Earlier accommodation is possible after previous agreement.

8. Check-out time is 10:00 a.m if have not agreed on a late check-out previously. Breaching this rule may be subject to additional charge.

9. Client which accommodates before 6.00 will pay the full price of the previou night.

10. Client who requires accommodation before 12.00pm and therefore room could not be rent previous night, pays for accommodation previous night too.

11. Client is obliged any deficiencies , irregularities or complaints reported to the reception immediately upon moving in to the room and their findings.

12. The client agrees that housekeeper, maid and person entrusted shall enter his room throughout the duration of his stay in cases to perform their duties.

13. Guesthouse is not liable for money, valuables and documents of clients property.

14. pension is not responsible for any disputes or conflicts between guests / visitors of the hotel , but the extent legally possible, take the necessary steps to ensure order and peace in accommodation and other hotel areas.

15.Guests can receive visitors in the public spaces of the pension. Visitors can enter the room of accommodated guest only with the consent of the pension worker after entry into the guestbook from 8.00 to 22.00.

16. Guests are prohibited from moving furniture and providing any changes on any devices (telephones, radio, television…) in the rooms and public spaces.

17. Using own electrical and gas appliances is prohobited. Only devices for personal use such as hair dryer, shaver, etc. are allowed

18. In the guesthouse it is not allowed to be noisy, loudly sing, listen radio or television programme. From 22.00 up to 6.00 client must not disturb the peace at night. In the case of hotel booked up with the one group it is possible to adjust to the requirements of clients after the approval by the manager of guesthouse.

19. For security reasons it is not permitted to leave children under 10 without adult supervision in the room and other areas of the guest house .

20.The guesthouse ensure the provision medical assistanve or transport to hospital in case of injury and serious illness.

21. Client is not allowed to take the sports equipment to the room or any other stuff which is reserved in special place.

22. Client has the right to use all the room accessories of the rented room and common areas. For any demage caused to the property client is responsible in accordance with the rules.

23. By leaving the room client is obliged to check the room and leave it in the condition of taking-over. Client turns off the lights, electrical appliances, close the windows and lock the door.

24. The client pays the bill usually when arrives. Accommodation and other provided services is required to pay in accordance with the valid price list, available at the employee of the pension.

25. Complaints, claims, requirements and proposals regarding improvement of activities of the accommodation facility can be given to the responsible pension clerk.

26.Each guest is obliged to comply with provisions of the present accommodation rules. If the rules are not adhered to, the pension will be allowed to rescind the contract of providing accommodation service prior to the expiration of the agreed period of time.

27. From a security standpoint the client is obliged to respect the designation of the doors intended for employee of guesthouse. It is not allowed to put objects in the openings for the maintenance of the property, otherwise liable for any demage caused. Client as legal representative for its non-adults is responsible for any demage caused by them.

28. Smoking inside and outside the guest house area is not allowed

29. guest has the right to park in the parking lot next to the property, however it is not guarded.

30. When you use the kitchen, make sure to clean and tidy it. After using, please return all the clean dishes on place.

31. Guests are required to maintain order and cleanliness in common areas and every major pollution will be charged as separate item.

32. If you lose the key to the room, the client is obliged to report immediately the loss and pay the fine 50 eur.

Accommodation rules valid from 01. 01. 2014

February 2019