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The guest house is located in central Slovakia in Liptovsky region. There are many interesting places to visit.


Liptov offers a wide range of hiking due to the convenient location and varied natural beauties. Visitors can choose from a wide variety of challenging hiking trails. Liptov surrounded by the highest mountains in Slovakia, High Tatras, West Tatras and Choc Mountains in the north to the south of the Low Tatras, Fatra the west and Poprad Valley in the east. Orientation in the field marked trails. We will recommend the following routes:

Nature Trail:

- Prosiecka Valley,  Kvačany, sightseeing top Prosečné about 6 hours

- Top sightseeing Baranec about 7 hours, Žiarska Valley-Baranec-Ziarske saddle-Žiarska cottage

- Top sightseeing Krakow hoľa about 7 hours, Demänovská Cave of Liberty-Poludnica-Iľanovo

- Low Tatras ridge hike about 8 hours, Demänovská Valley-Chopok Chabanec-Magurka

- The highest ridge of the Low Tatras about 6 hours, Demanovska Dolina-Chopok-Cottage MR Štefánika- Trangoška-Srdiečko

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Tatralandia Liptov lies at the heart of the beautiful scenery of mountains, at the northern shore of the Liptovská Mara. Celoročnosť water park provides a source of thermal water flowing from more than 2500 meters in depth with a temperature of 60.7 ° C. Currently Tatralandia offers 27 water slides and water slides – 5 NEW, 8-season. Each visitor can try massaging seats, water beds, water mushroom, spouts, fountains, water jets, water slides, play water volleyball and basketball, and have fun at noodlovom water-aerobics. All of the 11 pools – 2 NEW Caribbean, 8 and 3 covered year round. The pools are filled with thermal mineral (some with clear heated water) with a temperature of 38 ° C. More info at:

Gino Bešeňová Paradise Complex is built on hot healing springs that bubble up from the depths of 1987 m at a temperature of 60.5 ° C. He is beneficial for healing and urological problems and has good cosmetic effects. Since the summer of 2008 GINO PARADISE BEŠEŇOVÁ expanded its range of services nearly tripled. There will be a 13 outdoor and 3 indoor pools with water temperature 26 to 40 ° C. The indoor pool complex are sitting – relaxing pool, large swimming pool with water slide and a stainless steel pool for children. The pools are a variety of attractions – air and underwater bench bench, massaging jets, spouts, bubblers, water mushroom, water hedgehog. Unique atmosphere of total relaxation creates vital world. More info at:


Jasna Low Tatras is classified in the highest category of tourism centers of international importance. Located in the beautiful surroundings of the northern and southern slopes of Chopok the Low Tatras National Park. Chopok NORTH and SOUTH CHOPOK since 2007, again linked by two new lifts – one from the north and one from the south side. Therefore, we can already speak of a center that provides skiers along nearly 34 km of ski trails. The center has a total of 28 runs, transporting a 24 lifts with a capacity of 21,735 people / hour. More info at:

SKI PARK Ružomberok is one of the most advanced centers in Slovakia, with a high standard of services, service programs and customer care. Located in the beautiful Great Fatry at an altitude of 545 to 1209 m The gateway to the city center is part Hrabovo (away from the city center just 1 km). The Hrabova leads to Malino Brdo modern, 8-seat cable car, 1,770 m, which is an hour transports 1,500 people. Right in the center is 4-chair lift, 2 lifts and 4 ski lifts for beginners and children. The resort offers 12 km of ski runs, the longest of which measured up to 3900 m altitude difference surpass 698 m is the longest artificial snow slope in Slovakia. More info at:

PARK SNOW Donovaly. Recreational mountain village (850 m) west of the Low Tatras widely distributed in the saddle on the main road from Banska Bystrica to Ruzomberok. It is located in the protection zone NAPANT near Fatra National Park and is an important ústrediskom summer and winter recreation. There are more than 11 km of regularly groomed ski runs, 17 runs of more than 7 km artificial snow. If you love snowboard-adrenaline, you come towards the top lákajúce freeriding terrain, jumpovanie, with lots of rails and obstacles. The newest attraction in 2012, the ice complex ICE VILLAGE. More info at:


Cave of freedom is the most visited cave in Slovakia. Located in Demänovská valley on the north side of Low Tatras. In recent years her annual visits from 150 to 175,000 visitors. It was discovered in 1921, is made available since 1924. Today’s inlet, man resorted lies at an altitude of 870 m. Access to it is easy trail with educational panels. Underground spaces created submersible water Demänovky river and no water in the complex of limestone rocks. In addition to stalagmites, stalactites, and big stone waterfalls there are distinctive, richly decorated with small lakes with water lilies on the surface of stalactites, cave pearls and other services for the day. Beside white stalactites stalactites also occur stained pink to red. Lowest parts of the underground stream flows Demänovky. Their length 8400 m 1800 m is accessed. The show cave is divided into a small circle: 1.2 km – 60 min a large range: 2.2 km – 100 min.

Demänovská ice cave is located on the right side Demänovská valley north of Cave of Liberty at the entrance to the Citadel hill at an altitude of 840 m. Created by her former underground flow Demänovky. The cave looked Juraj Bucholz ml. in 1719-1723. There are many inscriptions on the walls and preserve the rich literature show a great interest in the cave of the then scientific community and the general public. The cave is 1750 m long, is made available to the public 650 m. Tourists was launched in 80 years of the century before last, it was open again in the years 1950-1952. The cave is also part of a national nature monuments Demänovské jaskyne. More information at:

Bear adit is only accessible old workings Liptov. Experience that you will remember. This will take you places that hard work he has created a dozen years with the prospect of obtaining gold, all the unique atmosphere of burning oil burners. Headlamp gets every visitor before entering, special clothes or shoes needed. Car to get to paid parking 200m from the tunnel. From the guest house is located about 3km. More info at:

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